2016 IoT five trends to be concerned about the technology trends

Internet of things (IoT) has been gradually deepening the life of modern people, analysts estimate the number of connection devices by the end of 2015 will reach 5 billion units, compared with 2014 growth of 30%. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 40 billion units, far more than the population of the earth.

The core of IoT is to make things connected to the possible connection technology. And in the future, as well as in the future, there is a trend of emerging technology trends in the future?

The use of 802.11a/ad Wi-Fi Internet and streaming content

The first is through the two kinds of 802.11ad provides a new wireless technology and Internet streaming function — 5GHz band and 60GHz band 802.11ac.

By more and more consumers to stream content, so the stability of the wireless network connection becomes more important. 802.11ac Wi Fi technology provides many two years ago to do the new connection, and equivalent to an Ethernet transmission rate, multimedia content from a mobile phone spread to digital TV, fast synchronization information and media content and reduce signal attenuation and disconnection probability, to improve the Wi Fi experience and extend the transmission distance.

If collocation 2×2 multiple input and output (MIMO) transfer function, Wi-Fi 802.11ac efficiency will become more powerful. 2×2 MIMO can through the two antenna also receive or send two data streams, not only can double transmission rate, but also shorten download time. The intelligent mobile phone efficiency together with the notebook computers and tablet computer connection technology and piloted drive. This is could not do before.

802.11ad has a very good performance in the indoor communication. The magic of 802.11ad is that it uses a broad band of 60GHz, the transmission rate can reach 7Gigabit per second. Wi-Fi 802.11ad can provide 12 feet of the transmission range, is very suitable for indoor end to end applications, such as mobile devices and wireless communication between tv.

Through a combination of 802.11ac 802.11ad triple modular solutions, may choose the best connection technology according to the distance and application, consumers can fast speed internet access and data stream, ready access to a smooth experience.

2016 and the future is worth the attention of connection technology

Central technology search and navigation using GNSS and sensors

Wearable device has a variety of changes, hinging motion tracker, bracelets and watches, but only to collect useful information of the device. Because of the importance of the accuracy of the information, such as running mileage or burning calories, so if only rely on GPS or GNSS receiver to calculate the running path or speed. The results may full of mistakes.

This year we will see a variety of technologies to integrate applications, so that data tracking and management is more accurate. Today’s wearable devices can provide more accurate data, and not too much power, through sensors, GNSS, Smart, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technologies.

Through a variety of techniques to obtain information can help determine the runner is outdoors or indoors treadmill, the device can also dynamically manage these technologies to save electricity, optimize the user experience.

The use of magnetic resonance wireless charging technology to charge at any time

If only the use of wireless technology to transmit data, so that only half. The number of families each charging device in the United States today up to 10 units, with wire. Wireless charging enables users to charge the power equipment without the use of wires, and never get rid of the shackles of the wire. Although wireless charging technology has been in existence for a long time, but until it evolved from the first generation of induction technology to the second generation of resonance technology has gradually evolved into the mainstream, because now the user can be charged with a number of devices at the same time.

The resonant wireless charging technique uses only one transmission antenna to support multiple receivers, and transmits power through the non metallic surface via the wireless power control system which uses Smart Bluetooth technology. So even if the device is small, such as wearing headphones or wearable devices, but also flexible with the charging board to communicate with each other.

Think about how this will affect retailers and consumers? From home furniture, coffee shops, airports, restaurants to movie theaters, wireless charging stations will be springing up, so that consumers can get real ‘with the charge that the use of’ experience.

Payment and matching device using NFC

Close range communication (NFC) technology can make the two devices by way of touching or sharing information. This technology not only for mobile payment development impact is very huge, and other consumer applications are rapidly gaining favor, because it can match the IOT technology and provide a more personal experience, especially in the application of home automation and networking of the car.

The growth momentum of IoT is to link all the devices in the room into an ecosystem. NFC touch line function can be simplified smart phones and other devices setting processes, including TV, portable speakers or automotive systems. Users do not have to go through the complicated setting process can be used.

According to the latest analysis report, a growing number of consumers feel the benefits of mobile payment, together with the enterprise widely used wireless NFC reader, so many mobile devices are has built NFC technology, and regarded as the standard specifications.

The use of Wave 2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart control

In IOT era, accountable for a plethora of applications, and 802.11ac wave 2 Wi Fi and Bluetooth smart will is behind the scenes of important technology. From industrial automation to household energy and medical applications, these technologies will be able to significantly improve management efficiency.

Wave 802.11ac 2 technology to enhance the Wi-Fi efficiency standards, so that a number of Wi-Fi devices at the same time, so the router or gateway can support more devices at the same time, in order to have different data and video transmission requirements. Ultra low power Smart Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Internet through the same gateway, to secure data transmission to the cloud.

After the analysis of these data, it will be organized into useful and can be put into operation of the information, so that the device is managed or activities to achieve more efficient. Through the analysis of continuous improvement in the operation of information, will be able to play amazing benefits.



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