IHS: large-size panel rankings, Innolux Samsung LG three

IHS statistics 3rd quarter of the global large-size panel market share, Innolux and AUO still ranked third and fourth, respectively, 17.3% market share with 15.1 percent, showing Taiwan plant is currently competition in the global panel industry, still has the advantage.

However, since the plant has been catching up land, and actively expand the plant investment, the long-term will continue to threaten Taiwan factory.

IHS said that the third quarter of this year South Korea LG Display (LGD) in large-size panel shipments to 39.4 million, the market share was 22.5%, 24 consecutive seasons dominate the large-size panel market. Second, the three competition, the Samsung monitor market share second place with 17.6 percent, with 17.3 percent Innolux market share in hot pursuit, the fourth AUO (market share 15.1%).

If 4K2K panel from the point of view, the third quarter of Samsung monitors in 4K TV panel shipments victory over LGD, two Korean plant’s market share was 31.9%, 31.4%. Samsung monitors and LGD in the third quarter and 3.68 million each shipped 3.6 million of 4K TV panels, the third of Innolux shipped 1.74 million, the fourth AUO shipments of 1.08 million.

Results from the third quarter of view, South Korea and Taiwan panel makers are still windy panel market, but the rise of mainland panel makers, and has been investing to expand plant capacity continues to increase after the mainland to come, the future competition in the global panel market share will be more severe.

IHS estimates that between 2010 to 2018 from the mainland panel production capacity to an annual expansion rate of 40%. Mainland only global production capacity by 4% in 2010, to 2018, China will become the world’s largest panel producer, holds over 35% of capacity, the other hand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea in 2010 to 2018 capacity growth will be less than 2% .



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