Future mobile phones is expected to employ quantum dot sensor sharper pictures

Recently, digital imaging technology company InVisage announced that its research and development of the world’s first quantum dot digital imaging sensor will soon be shipping as an alternative to conventional CMOS sensor.

Traditional CMOS silicon-based material is different, InVisage’s quantum dot technology uses a liquid nanoparticles implement alternatives to improve shooting in low light environments. Its first product was named “Quantum13”, has 13 million pixels, suitable for 8.5 * 4mm module, it simply is very suitable for mobile phone use.

InVisage through official presentations of view, quantum dot sensor more sensitive to light Obviously, in backlit environment better able to handle light and landscape balance, to bring more clarity and practical overall shooting. But Cnet also pointed out that the proofs for white balance, details of the deal is not perfect, even though its overall outline more clearly.

Of course, InVisage the technology is still in continuous improvement, which is expected after the formal delivery will have better performance. If the final result can make mobile phone manufacturers are satisfied, for enhancing the quality of camera phone is undoubtedly of great significance.



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