ST introduced a new power management chip zero standby power consumption in line with international standards

ST introduced a new power management chip zero standby power consumption in line with international standards, the first white appliances (white good), lighting and industrial equipment, wake-intelligent management. It also represents the energy vampires (device is switched off or when still in power consumption in idle state) will cease to exist.

Minimize the standby power consumption of electrical equipment (also known as: energy vampire) is the goal of long-term efforts of designers, which also contributed to enable the IEA worldwide [1] and other energy-saving recommendations of international organizations, namely in 2010 and 2013 The electrical standby power consumption were reduced to 1W and 0.5W or less. And today’s most advanced power technology can standby power consumption to 5mW or less, in accordance with IEC standards for energy consumption of household appliances and office equipment, 5mW or less already near zero-power [2].

Although the energy legislation to promote individual enterprises to reduce standby power consumption of appliances, but the number of electrical appliances in use worldwide continues to increase. New VIPer0P IC would dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine and microwave oven and other appliances STMicroelectronics bring effective zero-power standby mode, thus reaching emission reduction targets. The chip is also suitable for lighting control, industrial equipment and air conditioning systems. VIPer0P introduction of STMicroelectronics unique patented intelligent power management technology, you can wake up the system devices via touch screen or remote control, significantly enhance the user’s convenience.

STMicroelectronics, vice president of industrial products and power discrete product unit Matteo Lo Presti: “global appliance market leader in brand design engineers use our VIPer® avalanche (avalanche-rugged) power chip, its products through the most stringent environmental protection design standards, is already listed VIPer0P to design simple, excellent energy efficiency and durability VIPer product series featuring new advanced technology zero standby power consumption. ”

VIPer0P have been the main customers for the development of new products. VIPer0P use SO16N mount (surface-mount), now in volume production.

Technical details:

Unique intelligent architecture enables VIPer0P in standby mode can be required to provide standby power to the system host microcontroller (host microcontroller), which allows users to wake up directly through the main user interface touch screen or remote control devices such as the system from standby mode , thus saving a high-voltage mechanical switch. VIPer0P standby power consumption less than 5mW (230Vac power supply), according to IEC 62301 appliances and office equipment energy consumption standards paragraph 4.5, the excellent results near zero power consumption.

If you use a switch control standby mode, the standby power consumption can be reduced 4mW. And performs a switching operation at safety extra-low voltage (SELV, Safety Extra-Low Voltage) next, thus saving large size high-voltage components.

VIPer0P is an off-line power converter chip, can be set to flyback, buck or buck-boost switch-mode power supply (SMPS, switched-mode power supply). As the newest member of the STMicroelectronics high pressure VIPerPlus series, VIPer0P integrated market-leading 800V breakdown voltage (breakdown voltage) of the anti-avalanche (avalanche-rugged) power MOSFET, providing better safety factor for the design staff to ensure application design with very high operating reliability. VIPer0P also offers a full range of protection features, including short circuit protection, Vcc Clamp (Vcc clamping), thermal shutdown (thermal shutdown) and soft-start function (soft-start). Controlling the switching frequency of the oscillator built a stabilization circuitry minimizes EMI.

Other features include an internal high voltage start-up circuit, having a 1.2V reference voltage pin and ground pins dedicated direct feedback error amplifier (error amplifier), energy-efficient current sensing sense-FET transistors, these capabilities help simplify the design, and can be maximum It minimizes the number of external components, saving board space and component cost. In addition, self-powered design VIPer0P can save auxiliary winding (auxiliary winding), which simplifies the selection of the transformer.



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