Sensor drive the global Internet to build a complete industrial chain to break the bottleneck

Recently, a Chinese-American scientist Song will realize the world’s first 50 nanometer news a super-high-resolution digital image sensor is disclosed, it caused widespread concern in the industry. It broke the field of digital image sensor pixel size of 1 micron industry limit, but attracted international electronics, military, aerospace, medical, laser, information storage technology and cooperation interest relevant departments.

Things heat up growing importance of the sensor is also increasing, demand has continued to rise. Boosting the birth of the Internet information explosion and the process of globalization, the main access to the Internet from a fixed point to the future of each person and then all interconnected. Things device manufacturers have developed motion, sound, video, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and other kinds of sensors, in order to achieve diversification of wisdom applications. However, the standard complex, services homogenization sensor industry, also become insurmountable problems.

Demand growth

Sensor is a device that can sense their surroundings can be collected from information into electrical signals, allowing the system to further analyze the message. Sensors widely used and many species, only portable device will be built-in motion wisdom, light, video and pressure and other sensors.

“After the emergence of the concept of the Internet of Things, sensors began a massive presence of human life.” Ministry of Electronic Component Industry Development Research Center chief engineer Guo Primal sensor on the Second Global Forum and the China Internet of Things applications summit said. The scope of application of the sensor small to be swallowed pills, big enough to make the whole wisdom of the city infrastructure in their “own wisdom,” and mutual coupling.

Lighting can borrow wisdom from the heat sensing, auto-sensing user access status, enable or disable the lamp power supply, in order to achieve real energy savings.

Humidity sensors used in automotive wipers, if it rains or liquid splashing on the windows, the sensor can automatically start the wipers, windshield liquid discharge.

For some urban transport, intelligent billing table can accept coins, credit cards, NFC smart phones to paid parking fee. When people find parking will no longer need to rush to put coins in parking meters. These wisdom charge table is also equipped with a vehicle sensor, passing messages in the application, so that drivers do not have to ride in order to find a parking space.

Guo Primal expects an optical biological signal sensor demand will grow rapidly. Consumers are starting to pay attention to their physical health, general wearable device simple pedometer and sleep monitoring functions already can not meet the needs of users, through different wavelengths of light-emitting diode (LED) illumination up measure heart rate, blood pressure and blood in the skin oxygen and other physiological values ​​is the development trend of the wearable device.

Environment sensing will become the development trend of the next wave sensor. “In recent years, the environmental quality of life of consumers around the requirements rise, will drive a wave of rising demand for environmental sensors.” Primal Guo said.

Rapid development

By 2015, global networking equipment has undergone tremendous growth. Guo Primal introduced to 2015, global networking equipment to reach 4.9 billion, an increase of 30% compared to 2014. “Things and sensor industry continued to expand the scale of China, while the sensor market size of nearly 120 billion yuan. As the market application and promotion of industrial development of China showing a rapid development momentum, the larger industrial radiation and leading role.” Primal Guo said.

Expected in the next five years, the global total sensor will be more than 15% compound annual growth rate, some industrial applications is accelerating. “In particular, the domestic industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the acceleration, ‘along the way’ implementation of the strategy and the expansion of the automotive, appliance, equipment, medical, environmental protection and other industrial application, a substantial increase in sensor amount.” Guo source of raw emotion, networking technology The application is really “unexpected, incalculable.”

As technological innovation, Hanwei Electronics chairman Ren Hongjun that China will own technology in networking standards and common basic ability to achieve further breakthroughs. “Sensor fusion with the controller, the pace of innovation and product manufacturing and content services will continue to accelerate convergence.”

“Business and good market determines the car networking, smart home products and solutions will be mass market.” Ren Hongjun said. In product applications, intelligent product range will continue to increase, interactive connection between intelligent devices and equipment increasingly high, it is expected to be the star of things existing structure extended to the network structure.

The Internet age is the key to winning future competitive ecosystem. Businesses or self-organization of industrial ecology circles, or finding the right circle to join, otherwise the competition will be in a subordinate, passive position. “This year, there are more companies and teams to participate through all the development and production of chip mode sensor products among.” Ren Hongjun said. Public chip mode effectively shortened the distance between consumers and producers, the congregation raised platform will launch more things influx of goods.

At the same time, emphasis on policies to industrial applications, policy content in proprietary hardware and software intensify padded short board trend will become more apparent.

Industry to “cluster”

Prospects can of course, practical difficulties remain.

Academicians CHEN Jun-liang said: “The era of things toward us, past, people fantasized all interconnected, intelligent picture of society, and now is with the development of sensor technology is becoming a reality, but now the development of things. the biggest bottleneck is still reflected in the sensor. ”

“Domestic production of the type of sensor, low yield, which is the biggest short-board development of things exist.” CHEN Jun-liang said.

Beijing Ereli CEO Ike Wangyong Tao believes that the current sensor is the main problem facing the industry include: industry links dispersion and effective mechanism for promoting development has not been established. “A lot of business-to-sensor biased and one-sided understanding, often associated with integrated circuit products, technologies, processes were compared; the lack of a strong strength of entrepreneurs, large companies look down, small businesses can not afford to throw resources difficult to integrate.”

“Due to the high content of sensor technology, product variety, small batch of industry characteristics, companies are accustomed to small-scale and small-team operation, the lack of awareness of large and specialized, resulting in more than the number of small-scale industries and enterprises, this situation is entirely different and foreign. “Wangyong Tao analysis said,” on the other hand, the sensor industry desperately short of technical development and industrial development, and other professionals. ”

How to break long plagued the sensor industry development bottleneck? Guo Primal recommendation is given through the construction and mechanism innovation system, a “double Ecology” industry environment, to create an international industrial environment, the introduction and focus international resources, build complete sensor industry chain, so that the sensor industry to “cluster” development road.

“To build China’s ‘sensing Valley’.” Primal Guo said. To establish a people-oriented, a beautiful environment, energy conservation, and the hardware environment and public service facilities complete natural ecological park; also build on the upstream and downstream industry chain integrity, mutual ratio is reasonable, short-distance services market docking, the public service is complete, personnel prominent industrial ecology park.

Establish multilateral cooperation must sensing Valley, state support, Guo source added that the only way that the sensor industry can adapt to the new norm of global IT: regional penetration, industrial integration, technological innovation, restructuring.



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