5G acceleration process ZTE R & D centers in Japan

In order to further promote the development of 5G and next generation mobile communication technology, ZTE recently announced the establishment of R & D centers in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese R & D center will focus on 4G, 5G key technology research and development in the field of acceleration Pre5G / 5G commercialization process in Japan, will further deepen the cooperation ZTE and Japan Telecom industry, academia.

ZTE CEO Shi Lirong, Zhangren Jun, senior vice president and president, Asia Pacific Zhang Shumin terminal together for the establishment of the “ZTE’s R & D center in Japan,” the ribbon-cutting opening.

Shi Lirong said: “ZTE’s high standards in the field of investment 5G, with the establishment of Japan’s R & D center will further enhance Japan occupy a key position in the global market, ZTE’s strategy in this market we will continue to invest R & D center in Japan. established, it will attract more Japanese people to join our team, jointly develop the next generation technology. ”

It sets up R & D centers in Japan, which means ZTE to 20 global R & D center, located in China, North America and Europe.

July this year, ZTE and Softbank of Japan signed a memorandum of understanding on joint research and development Pre5G, the two sides jointly develop future-oriented Pre5GMassiveMIMO key technology for the purpose of verification experiment in cooperation, technology assessment and research and development related technologies.

ZTE will 5G as a core strategy, and is committed to become a global leader in the next generation of communications technology. ZTE Pre5G in 2014 first proposed the idea, and in March this year, the 2015 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​the officially released Pre5G base station baseband RF integration, using MassiveMIMO technology, enabling operators to make use of existing network architecture, in advance to provide users with a similar experience 5G.



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