Intel 2015 S & T investment of over $ 500 million industry will force things

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday in San Diego (San Diego) held on Intel’s venture capital group Intel Capital announced that the technology industry this year will invest over 500 million US dollars, compared with last year, an increase of nearly 40%.

Intel Capital In the annual meeting highlighted the investment activities and recently announced some new investment, mainly to 10 start-up technology companies invested about $ 22 million. Which together more interesting investment transaction is an investment Intel FreedomPop conducted. FreedomPop is a free value-added wireless internet provider, which offers free calls and SMS services based WiFi connection. After working with Intel, FreedomPop is expected to create a built-in Intel SoFIA chip smart phone, so that the phone can be very convenient exchange between WiFi and ordinary mobile phone network.

July this year, FreedomPop just $ 30 million financing, is expected to end this year, the number of users in the United States FreedomPop will reach one million. Intel’s investment will help FreedomPop main rival Google Fi compete, while Intel to enter the mobile space can also provide a better entrance. In fact, the mobile industry has been a few years Intel has recently had a lot of missed opportunities in the industry, Intel in recent years has thus missed a lot of income.

Intel Capital’s total investment this year, an increase of 40% over last year, Intel Capital last year with a total investment of about $ 359 million. In accordance with the expected investment program, Intel Capital will become one of the world’s largest enterprise venture capital groups. According to market research firm CB Insights data, in 2014, Intel Capital has become the world’s second most active corporate venture capital group, just came in Google venture (Google Ventures) after. In fact, Intel Capital over the years has been one of the world’s largest enterprise venture group, since 1991, Intel Capital has already invested more than 1,400 companies, with total investment exceeding $ 11 billion.

Things layout:

Previously, Intel had missed a lot of opportunities in terms of smart phones and tablet PCs. Today, Intel does not want a repeat of this history. To this end, the company on Tuesday also announced that it will accomplish something in the field of things.

Intel has claimed that, if things are going well in the field, then equipped with Intel chips wearable smart products, home automation devices, and networked cars and so will be able to configure Intel network equipment for computer data centers communicate with. Of course, computer data centers also will be equipped with Intel chips, Intel will use software to analyze data, to ensure data security.

Things group vice president of Intel Doug Davis (Doug Davis) said Intel is developing “a set of buildings with a strong ecosystem, thereby helping the company to meet the opportunities in the field of things.” To achieve this goal Intel at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday announced a series of Internet devices intended for the new chip, including Quark D1000 and D2000 chip chips coming later this year, it has been listed on the market, as well as the first half of next year the launch of Quark SE chip.

In addition, Intel also announced, Wind River– called implant system software solutions will provide an operating system for networking equipment, allowing these devices to connect to Intel’s cloud platform. And this cloud platform but also allows the device has a cloud computer’s processing power, in order to better analyze the data and run applications.

In the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, Intel also showed how some companies use its networking technology. To this end, Intel also demonstrated a code-named “Honeywell” project, shows how firefighters Wear sensors equipped with Intel chips, and thus to better real-time monitoring of its surroundings, location and important signal. This information will be transmitted to the commander there, so again more quickly to help the disaster areas by the commander or better firefighters extinguished the flames.

Of course, just as in the field of smart phones and tablet PCs, Intel in the field of things they will also face challenges from ARM and Nvidia and other companies.



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