ISO OMA continue to increase cooperation and interaction with the Chinese ICT Industry

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA, Open Mobile Alliance) today announced: OMA will participate in the Mobile World Congress 2015 by the GSM Association (GSMA) hosted 2015 July 15 to 17 held in Shanghai – Shanghai (Mobile World Congress-Shanghai , MWC Shanghai), and its five member companies will conduct a live demonstration on the OMA’s W4.A30 booth showcase these wonderful applications are based on the latest OMA standards. OMA will also be at the show site detailing released in April this year to support smart phones and networking equipment seamless interaction of OMA general open-ended API (Generic Open Terminal API, OMA GotAPI). In addition, as the focus on the mobile application layer protocol international standards development organizations, OMA key members of the management team also will take the show to Shanghai, China-related industry bodies, standards organizations, leading ICT vendors and commercial users to meet, on the new generation of wireless communications, intelligent terminals, networking and other aspects of vehicle networking standards and protocols to expand exchanges and communication.

With the wide spread network of intelligent terminals and becoming more diverse, OMA various application layer specification and application programming interface (API) has been widely used among a growing number of devices, including smart devices, automobiles and wearable equipment. At the current MWC booth Shanghai’s OMA, member companies exhibiting five bring the following standards-based OMA wonderful demonstration:

· OMA member companies from Poland AVSystem will showcase its standards-based OMA Device Management (Device Management, OMA DM) and OMA lightweight machine to machine communication standard (Lightweight M2M, OMA LWM2M) and other open protocols unified device management platform, It is a network-oriented maintenance, monitoring and equipment layout of the next generation of systems;

· OMA member Ho of China era (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase mobile phones based on OMA standard PTT (Push-to-talk over Cellular, OMA POC) developed WePPT public cellular mobile communication networks (including EDGE, 3G , etc.) 4G and WiFi PTT and walkie-talkie services;

· OMA members China Redstone sun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. brought the two based on OMA DM standards development presentation, including RSOTA remote device management systems and services, as well as management, including wearable devices and other equipment of health cloud;

· Headquartered in Israel, a global networking company Redbend will bring automotive software management solution that helps OEM and Tier 1 suppliers wirelessly using standard OMA DM, FOTA standards and virtualization to manage all aspects of the vehicle computer and electronic control unit software;

· OMA another member of China TENGER Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will bring its TENGER cloud intelligent device management platform exhibition, in addition to supporting smart phones and tablet computers and other equipment, but it can support the wearable device and 3D printers.

“I am delighted to be in the MWC 2015 Shanghai through our member companies to display demo OMA engine. These presentations, and many other devices in this conference can be seen are based on OMA engine and API development.” Chairman of the OMA Board Mr. Gary K. Jones said, “thanks to our members innovative and sincere cooperation in the field of standards, many of our standards such as OMA DM, OMA SUPL and OMA POC etc. worldwide has been widely used. Further We recently introduced standards such as OMA LWM2M and OMA GotAPI also popular networking industry. ”

OMA GotAPI as a perfect framework to support web-based API, such as Android devices to work seamlessly on the device or iPhone and other smart phones. By OMA GotAPI, the application can use web technology and smart phones and external networking equipment to work together. Such as watches, cameras, smart glasses, toys, medical equipment and even cars and so on with the smart phone to connect, OMA GotAPI so these devices can be connected via a standardized way with smart phones or other devices, developers can develop based on OMA GotAPI compatible with a variety of equipment used, as before without struggling to develop a separate system for each. Applications run through the browser can be stably connected to the external device on any operating system that allows developers to create a new ecosystem of devices and applications interoperable composition.

With the release of such OMA LWM2M and OMA GotAPI and other agreements, OMA international standards ecosystem is expanding. These networking applications and equipment standards support has become more diverse, but also to its membership in the global market has brought more opportunities. As in the above in a booth of five OMA OMA member companies, there are three Chinese companies, but also outside the three companies are China’s three major carriers and Huawei, ZTE and other OMA members of software and service providers. These emerging Chinese companies and other members of the Friends of OMA, as the use of OMA developed international standards applicable to the global market products and services.

OMA strengthened cooperation in recent years, with China’s electronic information industry, while members from China, but also for the OMA and promotion of international standards has made tremendous contributions. Current membership in OMA, one third from Asia, 60% of the above come from China, including China’s three major carriers, as well as Huawei, ZTE and Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and the three companies and the like. 2014, OMA launched a Chinese website to better serve Chinese members and ICT industries, while also continuously participated in the foundation MWC 2014 and China Shanghai exhibition on information and communication equipment in Shanghai China held the world members of the Assembly when the year. Looking to the future, OMA hopes to attract more members in China, in the next generation of mobile communications, intelligent terminals, networking, car networking and within more areas, and global companies together to develop, improve and apply international standards.


Canon is developing a new biography full frame sensor has a high sense of weight 4K

Canon has in the development of new sensor, and according to the latest intelligence said Canon is developing a new 18 million-pixel full-frame sensor. The new sensor is to the Canon EOS 5D series of new machines and preparation. New sensor focus photos in low light shooting performance and video shooting (or will have a 4K video recording capabilities) performance, the new sensor with the new machine was quite worth the wait.

It is reported that Canon is developing a new 18 million pixel sensor

The new 18 million pixel full-frame sensor is likely to be for the Canon EOS 5D series product line and develop new segmentation model. Canon has just brought in this year the highest pixel full-frame sensor models EOS 5DS / 5DS R, then again a low pixel density of 18 million pixel model, I believe the EOS 5D series models in order to allow the overall performance more perfect, fit a new sensor New 5D models, probably very similar to Sony’s A7S, and if intelligence really said, it probably will be Canon’s first 4K block mounted to have the ability to shoot video on the full-size SLR sensor.

Editor Commentary: Canon began more attention to the development of new sensor, which is undoubtedly a good thing. 18 million pixels can be described as a strong preference for the number of pixels of Canon, from the year 18 million-pixel APS-C, and later 1DX 18 million pixel full-frame sensor, to now in the development of new sensors. It seems that this is to find the balance between image quality Canon’s one of the best solution. It is worth mentioning that the camera is not equipped with a new sensor EOS 5D4, but the 5D series of new models. If so, EOS 5D series can be described as full frame Canon product line a very special presence, and have a variety of configurations completely different sub-products under a single series models, this is very rare. It can also be seen on the Canon 5D series of focus and ambition. The new sensor is more emphasis on video performance and high sensitivity, the new sensors either dark or light shooting 4K video recording are worth the wait. We also hope to see as soon as Canon will be equipped with this new sensor models presented to our eyes.

Apple’s global handset market near saturation can save TSMC

The global mobile phone market is shrinking, domestic mobile phone giant HTC has had a hard time, now leading foundry TSMC is also facing industrial crisis? Barron’s Asian production by observers Ren Shuli wrote in column 18, “and now even Apple, could not save TSMC up.”

Shuli Ren outset, said China, the largest smart phone market has also been reaching saturation, although this year’s mobile phone shipments are still expected to grow 16 percent, but compared to the ultra-high growth rate in 2011, already it is past tense a. To the fear of lower and lower 8% next year, in 2018 reduced to 5% more.

Quote from Bernstein analyst Mark Li, the news for TSMC Taiwan wafer manufacturers is undoubtedly a bad news. TSMC in the third quarter of last year to become Apple’s iPhone and iPad processors exclusive supplier, but also said that TSMC’s revenue and smart phone shipments are closely related, as shipments fell, representing TSMC performance will inevitably suffer affected.

While Wall Street analysts are still bullish on TSMC’s revenue in five years next energy is growing, but in today’s smartphone market saturation, slowing Chinese demand situation, to maintain 10% growth rate is much difficult to predict the future I am afraid under repair, and the share price could test.

OLED panel shipments increase or will usher in more opportunities

With the rapid growth of smart watches, OLED again found the opportunity outbreak. Market research firm DisplaySearch recently released report, OLED market, there is a set of numbers caused widespread concern. The report shows that the first quarter of this year, the Smart Watch with OLED panel (including PMOLED and passive OLED) substantial growth in shipments to 4.98 million, 4.76 million more than last year, 1.67 million more than the same period a smart watch with LCD panels sheet was nearly 200%. And in this 4.98 million tablets, LG Display shipped up to 3.55 million, the overwhelming market share reached 71%, a smart watch area worthy of the king.

Just past 2014, the most talked about OLED TV market is the market. The same report from DisplaySearch shows that OLED TVs in 2014 the global market sales of 70 007 thousand units, a total market of $ 200 million 8404 million, compared with $ 43 million in 2013 grew more than 5.5 times.

The rapid growth of smart watches for OLED accelerate progress and added an important weight. The industry believes that the smart watch market and TV market will promote and complement each other, driven by twin engines, OLED popularity of speed or will exceed previous expectations. Compared to LCD, OLED has a low-power, ultra-thin, high contrast and other characteristics, especially suitable for the use of smart watches, which is the rapid growth in this area and beyond LCD become the mainstream product key.

In this process, LG Display has played an important role. Not so long ago, on May 19, LG Dipslay OLED has just released its strategic direction and long-term career plan. LG Display said that in 2015, its OLED TV panel sales target of 600,000, while the 2016 target of 1.5 million, on the one hand to enhance economic efficiency through economies of scale, on the other hand will also improve the ability to dominate the high-end market, thereby enhancing the OLED business profitability.

It is worth noting that the smart watch market has just opened, the growth potential is still huge. On the other hand, to carry out the smart watch market, or will bring more wearable devices and intelligent appliances select OLED panels, small OLED panels or will usher in more opportunities.

Signal processor for precise multi-axis servo drives

For controlling two or three servo motors, the signal processor ADSP-CM408 has a fast floating point core and a plurality of sets for the engine control and communication.

Machining centers in production lines for mass production having a plurality of servo drives to allow for complete automation of processes a plurality of parallel metal machining steps and robotic functions.

The challenge for the machine designer is to synchronize the work and movement profiles of several servo drive axles to maximize machine throughput while maintaining product quality.

The various control functions and components that use automated machines in a drive controller, image shows 1. A Numerical Control (CNC) or programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the machine operation and generated for each servo motor axis of the machine a motion profile. Each servo drive includes a plurality of control loops for the administration of the system behavior, the electromagnetic torque generation and the dynamics of the electrical circuit.

The performance of all control elements is critical to the machine throughput and the surface quality of the workpiece to be produced. By CAM software tools (Computer Aided Manufacturing) motion profiles created for all machining operations that are required to produce the final product according to the product drawings and material properties as well as the capabilities of machines and tools. The automated machine performs these motion profiles for the production of the product concerned.

The complete machine control function includes multiple cascaded control loops. The CNC transforms the movement of the machine coordinate (x, y, z) for each axis motor in motion profiles. Each movement profile is defined by position or speed records. The time synchronization between axes is important because a timing error affects just like a position or velocity error to the drive axles.

NXP Semiconductors announced that it has reached an agreement to sell its RF Power Division

NXP Semiconductors today announced that it has and the Beijing Jian Guang Asset Management Limited (the “Jianguang assets”) reached an agreement to sell its NXP RF power division. Under the agreement, will build broad asset purchase this division paid $ 1.8 billion. The transaction will take effect after obtaining the relevant regulatory approval.

NXP RF power division is one of the high-performance RF power amplifier market leader, it is mainly focused on the cellular base station market, while the future of industrial lighting applications, the next generation of culinary and automotive electronic ignition system is also useful in the field of development potential.

NXP CEO Richard Clemmer said: “The establishment of a focus on RF power amplifier market, the new company to build broad asset is a groundbreaking deal for our customers significant although according to the conventional approach us. you may expect a higher valuation, but the strength of assets build broad support for continued growth and development of the division, and can quickly sign an agreement and a deal that allows the key elements to maximize the interests of our customers and shareholders, while help us to complete the merger with Freescale Semiconductor. ”

The Chairman Jianguang assets Investment Review Committee Brighten Li said:. “We are very pleased to reach an agreement with NXP RF power to buy its division of the business has a strong team and proven technologies, we will continue to add new companies in the development, production and customer service in the field of investment, in order to strengthen its market position through our global network of financial institutions, the industry leader and has many years of experience in the semiconductor and telecommunications industry to build broad asset management team, build wide assets will help the new company and its shareholders holding fast stable growth. ”

Zheng Li NXP Semiconductors, senior vice president and president of China, said: “NXP and build broad asset had recently announced a joint venture semiconductor company, the deal reached agreement to further deepen the bilateral cooperation and we are pleased to see that. to NXP’s technology will make China the development and promotion of the industry a positive contribution to the semiconductor industry, we have this development prospects of new companies in the construction of broad confidence in the leadership of the assets. ”

Under the agreement, all of the original business of NXP RF power division, as well as about 2,000 people worldwide, including employees including the management team, will be transferred to a separate company incorporated in the Netherlands flag, at the end of the transaction, the company will build a wide assets full take over. In addition, all relevant patents and intellectual property division of RF power, as well as NXP in the Philippines, a focus on RF Power Products advanced packaging, testing and assembly of back-end manufacturing enterprises, will be built after the transaction go wide asset name next.

The transaction, including access to the final agreement and the terms of the agreement reached and built a wide assets become the acquirer, subject to approval by the US Federal Trade Commission, the European Commission, the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and other NXP review the proposed acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor License relevant institutions.

NXP and build broad asset expects the transaction will be completed late in 2015 during which he will seek regulatory authorities and employee representatives and communication. NXP is expected to sell its RF power of this division will dilute its 2015 fourth quarter and 2016 earnings per share. The transaction will be profitable for Freescale Semiconductor announced before the acquisition financing.