2016 IoT five trends to be concerned about the technology trends

Internet of things (IoT) has been gradually deepening the life of modern people, analysts estimate the number of connection devices by the end of 2015 will reach 5 billion units, compared with 2014 growth of 30%. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 40 billion units, far more than the population of the earth.

The core of IoT is to make things connected to the possible connection technology. And in the future, as well as in the future, there is a trend of emerging technology trends in the future?

The use of 802.11a/ad Wi-Fi Internet and streaming content

The first is through the two kinds of 802.11ad provides a new wireless technology and Internet streaming function — 5GHz band and 60GHz band 802.11ac.

By more and more consumers to stream content, so the stability of the wireless network connection becomes more important. 802.11ac Wi Fi technology provides many two years ago to do the new connection, and equivalent to an Ethernet transmission rate, multimedia content from a mobile phone spread to digital TV, fast synchronization information and media content and reduce signal attenuation and disconnection probability, to improve the Wi Fi experience and extend the transmission distance.

If collocation 2×2 multiple input and output (MIMO) transfer function, Wi-Fi 802.11ac efficiency will become more powerful. 2×2 MIMO can through the two antenna also receive or send two data streams, not only can double transmission rate, but also shorten download time. The intelligent mobile phone efficiency together with the notebook computers and tablet computer connection technology and piloted drive. This is could not do before.

802.11ad has a very good performance in the indoor communication. The magic of 802.11ad is that it uses a broad band of 60GHz, the transmission rate can reach 7Gigabit per second. Wi-Fi 802.11ad can provide 12 feet of the transmission range, is very suitable for indoor end to end applications, such as mobile devices and wireless communication between tv.

Through a combination of 802.11ac 802.11ad triple modular solutions, may choose the best connection technology according to the distance and application, consumers can fast speed internet access and data stream, ready access to a smooth experience.

2016 and the future is worth the attention of connection technology

Central technology search and navigation using GNSS and sensors

Wearable device has a variety of changes, hinging motion tracker, bracelets and watches, but only to collect useful information of the device. Because of the importance of the accuracy of the information, such as running mileage or burning calories, so if only rely on GPS or GNSS receiver to calculate the running path or speed. The results may full of mistakes.

This year we will see a variety of technologies to integrate applications, so that data tracking and management is more accurate. Today’s wearable devices can provide more accurate data, and not too much power, through sensors, GNSS, Smart, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technologies.

Through a variety of techniques to obtain information can help determine the runner is outdoors or indoors treadmill, the device can also dynamically manage these technologies to save electricity, optimize the user experience.

The use of magnetic resonance wireless charging technology to charge at any time

If only the use of wireless technology to transmit data, so that only half. The number of families each charging device in the United States today up to 10 units, with wire. Wireless charging enables users to charge the power equipment without the use of wires, and never get rid of the shackles of the wire. Although wireless charging technology has been in existence for a long time, but until it evolved from the first generation of induction technology to the second generation of resonance technology has gradually evolved into the mainstream, because now the user can be charged with a number of devices at the same time.

The resonant wireless charging technique uses only one transmission antenna to support multiple receivers, and transmits power through the non metallic surface via the wireless power control system which uses Smart Bluetooth technology. So even if the device is small, such as wearing headphones or wearable devices, but also flexible with the charging board to communicate with each other.

Think about how this will affect retailers and consumers? From home furniture, coffee shops, airports, restaurants to movie theaters, wireless charging stations will be springing up, so that consumers can get real ‘with the charge that the use of’ experience.

Payment and matching device using NFC

Close range communication (NFC) technology can make the two devices by way of touching or sharing information. This technology not only for mobile payment development impact is very huge, and other consumer applications are rapidly gaining favor, because it can match the IOT technology and provide a more personal experience, especially in the application of home automation and networking of the car.

The growth momentum of IoT is to link all the devices in the room into an ecosystem. NFC touch line function can be simplified smart phones and other devices setting processes, including TV, portable speakers or automotive systems. Users do not have to go through the complicated setting process can be used.

According to the latest analysis report, a growing number of consumers feel the benefits of mobile payment, together with the enterprise widely used wireless NFC reader, so many mobile devices are has built NFC technology, and regarded as the standard specifications.

The use of Wave 2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart control

In IOT era, accountable for a plethora of applications, and 802.11ac wave 2 Wi Fi and Bluetooth smart will is behind the scenes of important technology. From industrial automation to household energy and medical applications, these technologies will be able to significantly improve management efficiency.

Wave 802.11ac 2 technology to enhance the Wi-Fi efficiency standards, so that a number of Wi-Fi devices at the same time, so the router or gateway can support more devices at the same time, in order to have different data and video transmission requirements. Ultra low power Smart Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Internet through the same gateway, to secure data transmission to the cloud.

After the analysis of these data, it will be organized into useful and can be put into operation of the information, so that the device is managed or activities to achieve more efficient. Through the analysis of continuous improvement in the operation of information, will be able to play amazing benefits.


IHS: large-size panel rankings, Innolux Samsung LG three

IHS statistics 3rd quarter of the global large-size panel market share, Innolux and AUO still ranked third and fourth, respectively, 17.3% market share with 15.1 percent, showing Taiwan plant is currently competition in the global panel industry, still has the advantage.

However, since the plant has been catching up land, and actively expand the plant investment, the long-term will continue to threaten Taiwan factory.

IHS said that the third quarter of this year South Korea LG Display (LGD) in large-size panel shipments to 39.4 million, the market share was 22.5%, 24 consecutive seasons dominate the large-size panel market. Second, the three competition, the Samsung monitor market share second place with 17.6 percent, with 17.3 percent Innolux market share in hot pursuit, the fourth AUO (market share 15.1%).

If 4K2K panel from the point of view, the third quarter of Samsung monitors in 4K TV panel shipments victory over LGD, two Korean plant’s market share was 31.9%, 31.4%. Samsung monitors and LGD in the third quarter and 3.68 million each shipped 3.6 million of 4K TV panels, the third of Innolux shipped 1.74 million, the fourth AUO shipments of 1.08 million.

Results from the third quarter of view, South Korea and Taiwan panel makers are still windy panel market, but the rise of mainland panel makers, and has been investing to expand plant capacity continues to increase after the mainland to come, the future competition in the global panel market share will be more severe.

IHS estimates that between 2010 to 2018 from the mainland panel production capacity to an annual expansion rate of 40%. Mainland only global production capacity by 4% in 2010, to 2018, China will become the world’s largest panel producer, holds over 35% of capacity, the other hand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea in 2010 to 2018 capacity growth will be less than 2% .

Future mobile phones is expected to employ quantum dot sensor sharper pictures

Recently, digital imaging technology company InVisage announced that its research and development of the world’s first quantum dot digital imaging sensor will soon be shipping as an alternative to conventional CMOS sensor.

Traditional CMOS silicon-based material is different, InVisage’s quantum dot technology uses a liquid nanoparticles implement alternatives to improve shooting in low light environments. Its first product was named “Quantum13”, has 13 million pixels, suitable for 8.5 * 4mm module, it simply is very suitable for mobile phone use.

InVisage through official presentations of view, quantum dot sensor more sensitive to light Obviously, in backlit environment better able to handle light and landscape balance, to bring more clarity and practical overall shooting. But Cnet also pointed out that the proofs for white balance, details of the deal is not perfect, even though its overall outline more clearly.

Of course, InVisage the technology is still in continuous improvement, which is expected after the formal delivery will have better performance. If the final result can make mobile phone manufacturers are satisfied, for enhancing the quality of camera phone is undoubtedly of great significance.

ST introduced a new power management chip zero standby power consumption in line with international standards

ST introduced a new power management chip zero standby power consumption in line with international standards, the first white appliances (white good), lighting and industrial equipment, wake-intelligent management. It also represents the energy vampires (device is switched off or when still in power consumption in idle state) will cease to exist.

Minimize the standby power consumption of electrical equipment (also known as: energy vampire) is the goal of long-term efforts of designers, which also contributed to enable the IEA worldwide [1] and other energy-saving recommendations of international organizations, namely in 2010 and 2013 The electrical standby power consumption were reduced to 1W and 0.5W or less. And today’s most advanced power technology can standby power consumption to 5mW or less, in accordance with IEC standards for energy consumption of household appliances and office equipment, 5mW or less already near zero-power [2].

Although the energy legislation to promote individual enterprises to reduce standby power consumption of appliances, but the number of electrical appliances in use worldwide continues to increase. New VIPer0P IC would dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine and microwave oven and other appliances STMicroelectronics bring effective zero-power standby mode, thus reaching emission reduction targets. The chip is also suitable for lighting control, industrial equipment and air conditioning systems. VIPer0P introduction of STMicroelectronics unique patented intelligent power management technology, you can wake up the system devices via touch screen or remote control, significantly enhance the user’s convenience.

STMicroelectronics, vice president of industrial products and power discrete product unit Matteo Lo Presti: “global appliance market leader in brand design engineers use our VIPer® avalanche (avalanche-rugged) power chip, its products through the most stringent environmental protection design standards, is already listed VIPer0P to design simple, excellent energy efficiency and durability VIPer product series featuring new advanced technology zero standby power consumption. ”

VIPer0P have been the main customers for the development of new products. VIPer0P use SO16N mount (surface-mount), now in volume production.

Technical details:

Unique intelligent architecture enables VIPer0P in standby mode can be required to provide standby power to the system host microcontroller (host microcontroller), which allows users to wake up directly through the main user interface touch screen or remote control devices such as the system from standby mode , thus saving a high-voltage mechanical switch. VIPer0P standby power consumption less than 5mW (230Vac power supply), according to IEC 62301 appliances and office equipment energy consumption standards paragraph 4.5, the excellent results near zero power consumption.

If you use a switch control standby mode, the standby power consumption can be reduced 4mW. And performs a switching operation at safety extra-low voltage (SELV, Safety Extra-Low Voltage) next, thus saving large size high-voltage components.

VIPer0P is an off-line power converter chip, can be set to flyback, buck or buck-boost switch-mode power supply (SMPS, switched-mode power supply). As the newest member of the STMicroelectronics high pressure VIPerPlus series, VIPer0P integrated market-leading 800V breakdown voltage (breakdown voltage) of the anti-avalanche (avalanche-rugged) power MOSFET, providing better safety factor for the design staff to ensure application design with very high operating reliability. VIPer0P also offers a full range of protection features, including short circuit protection, Vcc Clamp (Vcc clamping), thermal shutdown (thermal shutdown) and soft-start function (soft-start). Controlling the switching frequency of the oscillator built a stabilization circuitry minimizes EMI.

Other features include an internal high voltage start-up circuit, having a 1.2V reference voltage pin and ground pins dedicated direct feedback error amplifier (error amplifier), energy-efficient current sensing sense-FET transistors, these capabilities help simplify the design, and can be maximum It minimizes the number of external components, saving board space and component cost. In addition, self-powered design VIPer0P can save auxiliary winding (auxiliary winding), which simplifies the selection of the transformer.

Sensor drive the global Internet to build a complete industrial chain to break the bottleneck

Recently, a Chinese-American scientist Song will realize the world’s first 50 nanometer news a super-high-resolution digital image sensor is disclosed, it caused widespread concern in the industry. It broke the field of digital image sensor pixel size of 1 micron industry limit, but attracted international electronics, military, aerospace, medical, laser, information storage technology and cooperation interest relevant departments.

Things heat up growing importance of the sensor is also increasing, demand has continued to rise. Boosting the birth of the Internet information explosion and the process of globalization, the main access to the Internet from a fixed point to the future of each person and then all interconnected. Things device manufacturers have developed motion, sound, video, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and other kinds of sensors, in order to achieve diversification of wisdom applications. However, the standard complex, services homogenization sensor industry, also become insurmountable problems.

Demand growth

Sensor is a device that can sense their surroundings can be collected from information into electrical signals, allowing the system to further analyze the message. Sensors widely used and many species, only portable device will be built-in motion wisdom, light, video and pressure and other sensors.

“After the emergence of the concept of the Internet of Things, sensors began a massive presence of human life.” Ministry of Electronic Component Industry Development Research Center chief engineer Guo Primal sensor on the Second Global Forum and the China Internet of Things applications summit said. The scope of application of the sensor small to be swallowed pills, big enough to make the whole wisdom of the city infrastructure in their “own wisdom,” and mutual coupling.

Lighting can borrow wisdom from the heat sensing, auto-sensing user access status, enable or disable the lamp power supply, in order to achieve real energy savings.

Humidity sensors used in automotive wipers, if it rains or liquid splashing on the windows, the sensor can automatically start the wipers, windshield liquid discharge.

For some urban transport, intelligent billing table can accept coins, credit cards, NFC smart phones to paid parking fee. When people find parking will no longer need to rush to put coins in parking meters. These wisdom charge table is also equipped with a vehicle sensor, passing messages in the application, so that drivers do not have to ride in order to find a parking space.

Guo Primal expects an optical biological signal sensor demand will grow rapidly. Consumers are starting to pay attention to their physical health, general wearable device simple pedometer and sleep monitoring functions already can not meet the needs of users, through different wavelengths of light-emitting diode (LED) illumination up measure heart rate, blood pressure and blood in the skin oxygen and other physiological values ​​is the development trend of the wearable device.

Environment sensing will become the development trend of the next wave sensor. “In recent years, the environmental quality of life of consumers around the requirements rise, will drive a wave of rising demand for environmental sensors.” Primal Guo said.

Rapid development

By 2015, global networking equipment has undergone tremendous growth. Guo Primal introduced to 2015, global networking equipment to reach 4.9 billion, an increase of 30% compared to 2014. “Things and sensor industry continued to expand the scale of China, while the sensor market size of nearly 120 billion yuan. As the market application and promotion of industrial development of China showing a rapid development momentum, the larger industrial radiation and leading role.” Primal Guo said.

Expected in the next five years, the global total sensor will be more than 15% compound annual growth rate, some industrial applications is accelerating. “In particular, the domestic industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the acceleration, ‘along the way’ implementation of the strategy and the expansion of the automotive, appliance, equipment, medical, environmental protection and other industrial application, a substantial increase in sensor amount.” Guo source of raw emotion, networking technology The application is really “unexpected, incalculable.”

As technological innovation, Hanwei Electronics chairman Ren Hongjun that China will own technology in networking standards and common basic ability to achieve further breakthroughs. “Sensor fusion with the controller, the pace of innovation and product manufacturing and content services will continue to accelerate convergence.”

“Business and good market determines the car networking, smart home products and solutions will be mass market.” Ren Hongjun said. In product applications, intelligent product range will continue to increase, interactive connection between intelligent devices and equipment increasingly high, it is expected to be the star of things existing structure extended to the network structure.

The Internet age is the key to winning future competitive ecosystem. Businesses or self-organization of industrial ecology circles, or finding the right circle to join, otherwise the competition will be in a subordinate, passive position. “This year, there are more companies and teams to participate through all the development and production of chip mode sensor products among.” Ren Hongjun said. Public chip mode effectively shortened the distance between consumers and producers, the congregation raised platform will launch more things influx of goods.

At the same time, emphasis on policies to industrial applications, policy content in proprietary hardware and software intensify padded short board trend will become more apparent.

Industry to “cluster”

Prospects can of course, practical difficulties remain.

Academicians CHEN Jun-liang said: “The era of things toward us, past, people fantasized all interconnected, intelligent picture of society, and now is with the development of sensor technology is becoming a reality, but now the development of things. the biggest bottleneck is still reflected in the sensor. ”

“Domestic production of the type of sensor, low yield, which is the biggest short-board development of things exist.” CHEN Jun-liang said.

Beijing Ereli CEO Ike Wangyong Tao believes that the current sensor is the main problem facing the industry include: industry links dispersion and effective mechanism for promoting development has not been established. “A lot of business-to-sensor biased and one-sided understanding, often associated with integrated circuit products, technologies, processes were compared; the lack of a strong strength of entrepreneurs, large companies look down, small businesses can not afford to throw resources difficult to integrate.”

“Due to the high content of sensor technology, product variety, small batch of industry characteristics, companies are accustomed to small-scale and small-team operation, the lack of awareness of large and specialized, resulting in more than the number of small-scale industries and enterprises, this situation is entirely different and foreign. “Wangyong Tao analysis said,” on the other hand, the sensor industry desperately short of technical development and industrial development, and other professionals. ”

How to break long plagued the sensor industry development bottleneck? Guo Primal recommendation is given through the construction and mechanism innovation system, a “double Ecology” industry environment, to create an international industrial environment, the introduction and focus international resources, build complete sensor industry chain, so that the sensor industry to “cluster” development road.

“To build China’s ‘sensing Valley’.” Primal Guo said. To establish a people-oriented, a beautiful environment, energy conservation, and the hardware environment and public service facilities complete natural ecological park; also build on the upstream and downstream industry chain integrity, mutual ratio is reasonable, short-distance services market docking, the public service is complete, personnel prominent industrial ecology park.

Establish multilateral cooperation must sensing Valley, state support, Guo source added that the only way that the sensor industry can adapt to the new norm of global IT: regional penetration, industrial integration, technological innovation, restructuring.

5G acceleration process ZTE R & D centers in Japan

In order to further promote the development of 5G and next generation mobile communication technology, ZTE recently announced the establishment of R & D centers in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese R & D center will focus on 4G, 5G key technology research and development in the field of acceleration Pre5G / 5G commercialization process in Japan, will further deepen the cooperation ZTE and Japan Telecom industry, academia.

ZTE CEO Shi Lirong, Zhangren Jun, senior vice president and president, Asia Pacific Zhang Shumin terminal together for the establishment of the “ZTE’s R & D center in Japan,” the ribbon-cutting opening.

Shi Lirong said: “ZTE’s high standards in the field of investment 5G, with the establishment of Japan’s R & D center will further enhance Japan occupy a key position in the global market, ZTE’s strategy in this market we will continue to invest R & D center in Japan. established, it will attract more Japanese people to join our team, jointly develop the next generation technology. ”

It sets up R & D centers in Japan, which means ZTE to 20 global R & D center, located in China, North America and Europe.

July this year, ZTE and Softbank of Japan signed a memorandum of understanding on joint research and development Pre5G, the two sides jointly develop future-oriented Pre5GMassiveMIMO key technology for the purpose of verification experiment in cooperation, technology assessment and research and development related technologies.

ZTE will 5G as a core strategy, and is committed to become a global leader in the next generation of communications technology. ZTE Pre5G in 2014 first proposed the idea, and in March this year, the 2015 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​the officially released Pre5G base station baseband RF integration, using MassiveMIMO technology, enabling operators to make use of existing network architecture, in advance to provide users with a similar experience 5G.

Intel 2015 S & T investment of over $ 500 million industry will force things

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday in San Diego (San Diego) held on Intel’s venture capital group Intel Capital announced that the technology industry this year will invest over 500 million US dollars, compared with last year, an increase of nearly 40%.

Intel Capital In the annual meeting highlighted the investment activities and recently announced some new investment, mainly to 10 start-up technology companies invested about $ 22 million. Which together more interesting investment transaction is an investment Intel FreedomPop conducted. FreedomPop is a free value-added wireless internet provider, which offers free calls and SMS services based WiFi connection. After working with Intel, FreedomPop is expected to create a built-in Intel SoFIA chip smart phone, so that the phone can be very convenient exchange between WiFi and ordinary mobile phone network.

July this year, FreedomPop just $ 30 million financing, is expected to end this year, the number of users in the United States FreedomPop will reach one million. Intel’s investment will help FreedomPop main rival Google Fi compete, while Intel to enter the mobile space can also provide a better entrance. In fact, the mobile industry has been a few years Intel has recently had a lot of missed opportunities in the industry, Intel in recent years has thus missed a lot of income.

Intel Capital’s total investment this year, an increase of 40% over last year, Intel Capital last year with a total investment of about $ 359 million. In accordance with the expected investment program, Intel Capital will become one of the world’s largest enterprise venture capital groups. According to market research firm CB Insights data, in 2014, Intel Capital has become the world’s second most active corporate venture capital group, just came in Google venture (Google Ventures) after. In fact, Intel Capital over the years has been one of the world’s largest enterprise venture group, since 1991, Intel Capital has already invested more than 1,400 companies, with total investment exceeding $ 11 billion.

Things layout:

Previously, Intel had missed a lot of opportunities in terms of smart phones and tablet PCs. Today, Intel does not want a repeat of this history. To this end, the company on Tuesday also announced that it will accomplish something in the field of things.

Intel has claimed that, if things are going well in the field, then equipped with Intel chips wearable smart products, home automation devices, and networked cars and so will be able to configure Intel network equipment for computer data centers communicate with. Of course, computer data centers also will be equipped with Intel chips, Intel will use software to analyze data, to ensure data security.

Things group vice president of Intel Doug Davis (Doug Davis) said Intel is developing “a set of buildings with a strong ecosystem, thereby helping the company to meet the opportunities in the field of things.” To achieve this goal Intel at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday announced a series of Internet devices intended for the new chip, including Quark D1000 and D2000 chip chips coming later this year, it has been listed on the market, as well as the first half of next year the launch of Quark SE chip.

In addition, Intel also announced, Wind River– called implant system software solutions will provide an operating system for networking equipment, allowing these devices to connect to Intel’s cloud platform. And this cloud platform but also allows the device has a cloud computer’s processing power, in order to better analyze the data and run applications.

In the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, Intel also showed how some companies use its networking technology. To this end, Intel also demonstrated a code-named “Honeywell” project, shows how firefighters Wear sensors equipped with Intel chips, and thus to better real-time monitoring of its surroundings, location and important signal. This information will be transmitted to the commander there, so again more quickly to help the disaster areas by the commander or better firefighters extinguished the flames.

Of course, just as in the field of smart phones and tablet PCs, Intel in the field of things they will also face challenges from ARM and Nvidia and other companies.

Analog chip reproduction change in the situation on the acquisition of Texas Instruments Maxim negotiations

October 30 morning news, Bloomberg quoted sources as saying the world’s largest chip maker Texas Instruments Analog is the acquisition of rival Maxim Integrated Products negotiations.

According to sources, Analog Devices is also interested in acquiring Maxim, and Maxim’s management only after seeing a high enough premium to be willing to sell the company. The negotiations currently under way, the two sides may not reach a final deal. Affected by this news, Maxim shares on Thursday rose 9.3 percent, to $ 42.01, while the market capitalization of approximately $ 11.9 billion.

This year, the semiconductor industry mergers and acquisitions being a new record. Since the customer base shrinking, the cost of growth, many chip companies try to increase their size through mergers and acquisitions. In the analog chip market, TI is working with Maxim and Analog Device compete. When in 2011, Texas Instruments acquisition of National Semiconductor, and the company did not participate in this year’s buying spree.

Texas Instruments and Maxim spokesman declined to comment.

A source said, Maxim may not like some small chip companies such as Atmel and PMC-Sierra is willing to sell, because the company is not eager to expand the scale.

In the earnings conference call on October 22, Maxim CFO Bruce Quito (Bruce Kiddoo) indicates, Maxim has enough size and profitability, which alone survive. In addition, the company also has the resources to start the acquisition.

Terms of Texas Instruments, the company’s takeover target will be analog chip companies. The company is focused on analog chip business to get cash flow. TI’s current market value of about $ 23.3 billion.

How ecosystem lack of stamina two hundred billion Apple layout the future

Objectively speaking, for a market capitalization of over 700 billion US dollars of the company pick prick is a need courage to do, especially when the company is known as the most Apple fans.

After all, iPhone 6s market is still the most selling mobile phone, Mac adverse economic growth, public expectations for iPad Pro plus, plus more than 700 billion US dollars in market capitalization and $ 203 billion in cash reserves, you must be very strange in these outstanding how the data will come to Apple’s lack of stamina behind the conclusions?

Like Apple’s ad says “change is always changing,” meaning that no one can break the law, Apple, too, as a technology company is difficult to have a never compromised walls, yesterday was the first in the world Today, there may suddenly collapse, look at Nokia is the best example, technology companies may be the best scene so ten or twenty years, and if you are interested to read the global market value of the company over the past few decades the list you will find The most enduring vitality basically like Exxon Mobil this resource companies, and indeed very few technology companies.

Why Apple can quickly become a nearly a decade so attractive company? In fact, the “user experience” words, while supporting the user experience is a set of ecosystem structure from the details to the architecture played. Of course, this is the author of the summary said Joe closer, Steve Jobs’s words, “Why Apple will provide a better experience for users, because Apple is to have the whole system of company products, hardware, software and operating system Apple has, Apple has the ability to assume full responsibility for the user experience, the ability to do many other companies can not do. ”

Apple really rely on impeccable ecosystems most companies do not do something, but people often far behind the glossy accepted desolate, because Apple’s closed ecosystem means that once lost property continue to produce disruptive innovation ability, then attached to the iPad and iPhone developers and content providers will immediately dispersed, like Nokia as quickly stumbled scenario does not occur in the apple body.

Obviously this is not the result of the author obscenity, since entering the Cook era, Apple was criticized the most is no longer hardware innovation, and innovation is a catalyst for Apple’s hardware ecosystem functioning continuously, as Steve Jobs designed ad “We re-invented the mobile phone”, Apple’s profit lies in mobile phones, tablet PCs and innovation to the next terminal, if the user does not like Apple’s end, no matter how powerful the Apple ecosystem, can not escape the fate rest on our laurels and lose to innovate for Apple tantamount to drastic.

Even the latest iOS9 system is also being criticized again and again, many users Tucao function that Apple considered “innovative” in fact already implemented in the Android system, and even some features did what, there is no system iOS 6 to iOS 7 interface dramatic changes . Apple is gradually losing innovation seems to have is an indisputable fact that the data behind it and no one can be a lonely parabola at the vertex, while everyone knows that the top of the parabola behind what is!

Therefore, it is necessary for Apple to use its cash reserves to do something, especially in electric vehicles, mobile payment, smart home, which is full of future electricity providers genes huge market, Apple is there deep thinking and layout? The difficulties they face what is it?

Apple iPhone car can experience instant success?

Apple repairer now is an indisputable fact, even have a price estimate, probably $ 50,000, the price looks very close to the people, but from the author himself that 300,000 of the car, in the United States price is only less than 20,000 US dollar, the price in the domestic market should be close to one million fear price.

Repairer’s remarks about Apple has been popular for many years, and now can erupt so much energy is mainly due to the Cook himself admitted himself, and Cook’s statements I think the most important thing is to let the people it claims after a car Species iPhone experience, fake If, ​​as Cook said, it will be the history of mankind’s most massive mobile Internet devices.

Next we need to explore the content and nature is why can not. First, why is that Apple repairer? This seems to be the essence of a technology company and not commensurate with Microsoft Why not build? Intel Why not build? Apple wants to make cars alone, first, Apple is a technology and human advertised in the fork of the company, its products to become a major part of human process, take a look at the previous iPhone, Macbook, iPad, so its not just a technology company, it can happen all high-tech products and human relations are full of interest.

Second, Apple itself has always been only to Google, Sony, Amazon frequent black Technology companies as the biggest competitor, which means that in the future the strategic necessity to refer to the action of these three companies, but we all know Google driverless project has landed many years, for Apple, naturally can not let Google formed a dominant situation.

Third, although Apple boasted a single product for many years to conquer the world, but the lack of innovation in today’s situation, the product over a single malpractice revealed beyond doubt, iPhone accounted for almost 70% of Apple’s revenue, this is very dangerous, A mistake could face the risk of falls from a height from the top of the parabola, so that much-needed car like this “big business” was added to the capital markets to boost the imagination.

Answers over why, then we should talk about the problem can not, Apple is now cash reserves reached $ 203 billion, which is even close to the automotive industry NO.1 Toyota’s market capitalization (236 billion), so in this repairer the thing without worrying about money.

However car than any electronic products must more complex, for the benefit of the auto giant will never consider the core technology sharing with Apple, plus Cook said let the people have a car after the iPhone experience, means that Apple car there and only there will be an electric version, because the engine mostly by auto giant holds the core technology, and the motor is no such barriers, as Apple, naturally can not look at someone else’s tune.

Cook also worked with Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo had substantial contact with well-known after the meeting with President of the luxury car brand after the meeting declared: “Ferrari and the presence of the two brands Apple shared values, are focusing on brand, focus on exclusive rights, consumer focus, focus on the environment and so on. “But Ferrari’s keynote and Apple does not match up to act as Apple’s former automotive design consultant, or that future Ferrari cars fitted Carplay, basically there will be no too deep-level cooperation.

The tone of the match and Apple is clearly Tesla, and even some urgency Lee Ji Gong shareholders vigorously match Apple’s acquisition of Tesla, of course, Apple’s financial resources to acquire what Tesla was not too difficult, but awful is strongly together “marriage” of the two parties but no trace of ambiguous signs, why bring that is accustomed to the use of Apple has completely got the idea, you know if Apple’s acquisition of Tesla, at least in leading repairer struggle on the road less two to three years.

This point of view to look at from the company’s operations, although Apple’s future vehicles will also be power-driven, with today’s Tesla Motors almost the same, but Tesla still follow the traditional pattern of industrial companies, own design, your own production, marketing yourself, you know Tesla 510,000 square meters of new factories have to start building. However, Apple’s mode of operation is only to provide design and its own channel, all production is outsourced, such as Foxconn (cars may be run by BMW or Magna International OEM) that Apple apparently not stupid enough to go back to this burden .

So Apple will certainly be making cars this thing go step by step, through the acquisition of money estimated to be difficult to achieve a short cut.

Why Apple Pay no cash embattled community?

If you work in Zhongguancun, the ITC where these office buildings, nearby supermarket every noon must be overcrowded, you wait even longer than the rest of your meal time, you will not complain cashier professional ineffectiveness, while cautioning own solution to the problem is the meal ahead of time, but maybe everyone is not seriously thought about what this situation is the root cause.

In fact, this is not the staff inefficiency, but the change to pay cash movements occupy a lot of time, in addition to the payee in many cases large bill for your very disgusted, but if you are deprived of these links in the ” cash “, then showing a scene will be completely different, so you’ll want to live in a cash society, which can greatly enhance your life experience and efficiency.

In the end what is no cash society, perhaps express an official TfL allows you to have a more clear understanding, the official said: passengers move about in the future only the wrist or swipe the phone can ride yes, in the future of mobile payments will generate disruptive change to the traditional pay-industrial operation, just as the contribution of iTunes in the digital music media sales made by the same.

For mobile payment, Apple is not in the forefront of manufacturers, was launched in 2014, NFC-based Apple Pay, while in 2010 Google began to join the NFC protocol Android system, the most critical is Apple Pay besides lying iPhone inside an application, and there is no advantage at all. So Apple hopes to use hardware charm and simplify the process help the promotion of Apple Pay, though Apple Pay future remains uncertain, especially in the biggest market in China this apple.

First, Apple’s mobile phone penetration rate compared to Android phones, but still has a large gap, only 18.1% of the former, while the latter is as high as 80.4%, objectively speaking at today’s smart phones more and more low-cost, if Apple has been This noble gesture, it accounted for almost two unlikely there will be too obvious change, saying quantitative cause a qualitative change, which means that Apple must first complete the accumulated amount of hardware devices, but this time Android users already rely on micro-channel pay and Alipay walking dominated, Apple Pay very difficult to have the opportunity to squeeze in.

Of course, you might say, China’s huge population base, 18.1% and has also been a lot, it is true, but now the number of users for all iPhone Apple Pay interested in it? In my view the number of a few, the most critical is that even if you are a iPhone user, you can still use the micro-channel payment and Alipay, then only need to open up the bracelet and micro-letters and Alipay linkage, that Apple Watch the advantage will be gone, After all, consumers are more willing to pay for low-cost and habits.

In addition, domestic manufacturers powerful cloning capability is also a major obstacle to Pay Apple, there is news that Apple Pay millet has been in the test class of business, and like Huawei, Meizu, Lenovo and other domestic manufacturers are also planning to launch similar mobile payment business, no doubt domestic manufacturers and micro-channel payment, Alipay behind Tencent and Ali clearly know how to play and the rules of the Chinese market, which is clearly the government’s public relations capacity, Apple can not be compared.

But Apple also is not no chance at all, after all, is Apple Pay China UnionPay payment partner port monopoly as the largest POS machine manufacturers formed a micro-channel, Alipay and other third-party payment platform, which does not have, but Today, there are still differences between Apple and China UnionPay POS machines commission on the distribution ratio, which is the cooperation between the two has yet to below a deep-seated reasons.

From a global perspective, Apple can rely on its strong stance so as to put pressure on banks to promote Apple Pay, and even some competitors revenue under its command is also no problem, but in the Chinese market, then the money even if you do not use any eggs.

Apple’s smart home market inputs and output potential

Smart Home is a trillion dollar market, but Apple’s performance is somewhat absent-minded today, except for those related to patent applications still do not know how long it can be achieved, almost a blank.

The other hand, Google last year to $ 3.2 billion acquisition of Nest– a smart thermostats, smoke detectors and other products known companies, is through Google ecosystem focused on creating intelligent home system, is quite interesting is the founder of Nest exactly iPod’s father Tony Fadell, Apple’s, but he had one of the most right to speak with a few people.

While Google is also intended to lead the future development direction of smart home market, the establishment of an industry coalition, the Alliance aims to encourage manufacturers to use Thread smart home networking standard. Although you may have too much prestige by the founder, and let you have a strong curiosity Nest smart thermostat to know the company, but in fact the dominant Nest intended future communication between the smart home, which is what Google The arm of the root causes of their income, because Google realized that living room revolution will eventually lead to the arrival of the Internet of Things era.

Thread a new coalition including Samsung, ARM, Freescale and American Silicon Laboratories. Intelligent fan manufacturers Big Ass Fans and electronic lock manufacturer Yale is also Thread members. Nest Product Manager Chris Boluo Shen expressed, Thread is a safe and low-power characteristics of network protocols, compared with Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, Thread more suitable for connecting smart home products. And Correspondingly you will find, in addition to Apple TV, Mac Mini Apple has long been lacking for the home environment in China.

From a psychological point of view, people tend to be inherently good grades and do the check, Apple can not be contrary to the objective laws of nature, love of movement characteristics of the product seems to have become a gene Apple, but the latest Apple Watch still not faded moving character. Apple is not good for the home environment product line layout, but it is the inevitable trend of networking equipment development, and Google has gone on the road, there are some apples in slow motion.

But in my view, has not much time to wait for Apple to achieve patent, now the only effective way is to acquire or equity cooperation, such as a Honeywell company’s Lyric, the company is mainly involved in aviation products and services, buildings , household and industrial control technology, automotive products, turbochargers and specialty materials, is a truly high-tech enterprises, but Honeywell unlikely that company sold Apple, but Apple’s money and influence for the Honeywell reach some kind of strategic partnership is not a problem, while Honeywell advantage in buildings, homes and industrial control technology, Apple apparently can become the era of things right to speak of a catalyst, for Apple is the time to act up.

How do electric providers apple second millennium?

For those who have the Apple product users who, in the way the vast majority would choose to purchase at Apple’s official website alone, such as the author in the hands of iPhone, iPad, without exception, are in Apple’s official website to buy, and therefore objectively Apple It is a strong electricity supplier gene.

Even in the US market to Apple’s online sales are second only to the Amazon, in my view such a good gene not take advantage of Apple is indeed too much pity. For those in the official store to purchase the Apple devices for consumers, most people would choose related or unrelated third-party accessories, because they believed that since these parts are able to meet Apple’s standards, certainly in terms of quality It is excellent, which is obviously rely on the halo effect of Apple’s brand, but did not realize that the halo effect in the broader market for its own arena is.

Although the size of the company, the Amazon is also more apples there is a gap, but in the electricity business market, Apple store alone is difficult to pose a threat to the Amazon, but if Apple willing to spend cash in the bank exists, can build a future and Amazon’s electronic business platform competition is not an impossible thing.

Of course, the best way is to acquire, in my view the fourth largest US retailer Target (Target) is perhaps the most suitable for Apple, because of long-standing relationship between the two is very ambiguous, such as Target years ago Apple has opened dozens of stores in retail outlets in Target this year is to become the largest retailer Apple Watch.

You can buy on Amazon is fully able to buy products at Target, and many times the price advantage, which stems from its 50 years together to create a large channel system, the most critical is Target’s new online shopping Amazon service people feel unique style – from products such as diapers provide regular shipping services, to launch video streaming on-demand service, to offer free shipping and give discounts for members and the like. All of these services are offered by Amazon to follow a similar, many people may not know the network marketing business in the past decade Target are outsourced to the Amazon to do with Amazon gene apparently what Apple needs.

After all, Amazon’s market capitalization of $ 150 billion so that Apple can not and have more ideas, and Apple spent more than 300 billion dollars on large and comprehensive system of channels, as well as the Amazon-style class business platform revenue may be under, abundant capital, Apple’s halo effect and the right to speak in the mobile Internet era, plus sound channel structures, which is obviously the perfect electronic business model, even Amazon has not done so perfectly, while Google’s online shopping site Google Express is completely No electricity supplier of the form, with one fifth of the price of Amazon’s market value beat Amazon, Apple does not have reason to get started?

Written in the last:

In the business world if you have absolutely no chance to say, you might say that if Nokia is not so burdensome system leads to communication is not smooth, and so if you can early in transition, it will not become a decline after the acquisition is Microsoft’s brand, it It does not lead to a thousand people unemployed, which is perhaps a given number of technology companies. Although you can not predict the future, but we must do now, and as open up Xinjiang soil, people feel dull and the same phenomenon may not last long, especially for companies like Apple oligarchs, it must always ponder exactly how you can do the best, especially for future layouts.

Apple’s new patent applications or can not ensure that the iPhone screen broke

According to Taiwan media on October 26 reported that Apple recently filed a new patent, it may be an effective solution to an impact force is falling on the ground. Future Apple fans might not need to worry about the iPhone screen is fall rotten.

Apple’s new patent will be an effective solution to the impact force generated when the product falling on the ground.


It is reported that Apple recently filed a patent ,, called “electronic device screen active protection”, which is a mechanism to protect the screen.

The patent document discloses data show that Apple has a patent is made of an elastic plastics, polymers and thin metal composition protective device in four corners of the screen. Once your phone accelerometer, a gyroscope and height sensor inspection device being dropped to the protector on the screen will automatically pop up and fully absorb the impact when it hits the ground, to avoid direct contact with the ground and damage the screen. After the fall process, the screen saver will automatically income within the body.

However, many patent applications as Apple, this screen will really take the initiative to protect the patent whether or when it will be applied on a product in which, pending further observation.